Course Abstract & Learning Objectives

This course explores the difficulties people with hearing aids can still face when trying to understand speech in noisy environments. It examines the shortcomings of conventional speech in noise testing methods and introduces the Audible Contrast Threshold or ACT test as a fast and effective assessment tool. By the end of the course, participants will gain a deeper understanding of these challenges and be equipped to utilize the ACT for improved evaluation of their client’s signal to noise ratio or SNR loss. CEU/CPD: IHS 0.25H

  • Further your understanding on the challenges of hearing in noise for people with hearing aids.

  • Build on your existing knowledge of traditional speech in noise tests.

  • Administer the ACT test and implement its results into a hearing aid fitting.

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Continuing Education


Janna Brubacher

Audiology Manager, Education and Training M.Cl.Sc. Reg. CASLPO

Janna Brubacher is the Audiology Manager, Education and Training, for Diatec Canada, the leading provider of audiology equipment and supplies. She specializes in Diatec’s vestibular and evoked potentials equipment portfolio. Prior to joining Diatec Canada, Janna worked for Oticon Medical in clinical support for their BAHS solutions and before that worked clinically in private practice. She graduated with honours from Western University with a Master of Clinical Science in Audiology.