Course Abstract & Learning Objectives

In this micro course, clinical audiologist Clayton Fisher uses five case studies to illustrate why performing real ear measurements is essential to any hearing aid fitting, and how not performing them can actually diminish a hearing aid user’s Speech Intelligibility Index (SII) compared to not using hearing aids. The case examples will show that, when running real ear measurements, small adjustments to hearing aid gain can have a big impact on SII scores, and that over-amplification can be as prevalent as under-amplification when trusting manufacturer first fit settings rather than completing real ear measurements. CEU/CPD: IHS 0.5H

  • Realize the impact that performing (or not performing) REMs can have on client speech intelligibility and comfort, and on your clinic’s return rate.

  • Build on foundational knowledge of REMs to further understand changes to the Speech Intelligibility Index (SII), and the importance of using REMs when fitting those with mild hearing loss as much as those with more severe hearing loss.

  • Weigh the impact that performing (or not performing) REMs during a re-evaluation can have on hearing aid replacement rates.

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Clayton Fisher


Clayton Fisher is the owner and chief audiologist at Treat Hearing, a modern hearing clinic based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He is best-known in the hearing healthcare community for his practical educational videos and webinars on improving hearing aid fittings through best practices and equipment optimization. Clayton also works directly with hearing clinics and clinicians as an audiology consultant.