Course Abstract & Learning Objectives

Group aural rehab programs are transformative for all involved. In a group, there is a powerful process of healing and growth that happens, without us having to try and make it happen. Our task is to gather people together, create some structure and a comfortable space for people to interact and support each other, and then let it unfold. Learn some ways to make it more comfortable, if this is your first time leading a group. Get support with logistics, suggestions for content, and timelines. CEU/CPD: IHS 0.25H

  • After completing this course students will understand the benefits and curative factors of groups in therapeutic situations.

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Continuing Education


Sandra Vandenhoff


Sandra Vandenhoff, Au.D., is an audiologist who is deaf. Sandra has practiced for 30 years in a variety of settings and received training in speechreading instruction from the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association in the early 90s. Sandra partners with organizations and clinics to provide online aural rehabilitation services through HEARa (Hearing Education and Rehabilitation for Adults).