Course Abstract & Learning Objectives

Gain an insider's perspective on Starkey's groundbreaking new Genesis AI hearing aids. These advanced devices utilize integrated deep neural networks and artificial intelligence to deliver the most natural sound quality available. In this information-packed video, a Starkey trainer provides a comprehensive overview of the technology and features that make Genesis AI a game changer. Staying current on new product innovations is critical for providing the best solutions for your patients. This course ensures you leave with knowledge to confidently recommend Genesis AI.

  • Learn how the integrated Neuro Processor mimics the auditory system for unparalleled sound clarity.

  • Discover how Edge Mode+ leverages AI for instant personalized noise reduction.

  • Understand the significance of onboard sensors for tracking health and wellness.

  • Appreciate the importance of Genesis AI's IP68 dust/water resistance rating.

  • Hear real customer testimonials on the life-changing sound quality.

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Victoria Mcleod

Education & Training

Victoria has over 30 years of experience in the audiology industry, both clinically and with manufacturers. She joined the Starkey Canada team in May 2022 as Manager of Training, Education, and Instructional Design, where she leads a team of trainers in supporting customers' training and educational needs. Victoria is passionate about creating engaging and effective training support for learners. Victoria holds a bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders from Minot State University and a master's degree in audiology from Western University. She is dedicated to helping customers and patients receive the best possible care and support.